day tour Frigiliana

day tour Frigiliana

Day Tour Frigiliana Book a tour!

On day tour Frigiliana with Tejeda Tours. Come with us!

  • Discover the beautiful white village Frigiliana
  • Walk through the gorge
  • Pleasant mix of nature and culture
  • Quiet pace and ample free time
  • English speaking guide


  • The day tour Frigiliana takes place on Mondays
  • Duration of the day tour is about 4 hours
  • Nature walk approximately 2 hours
  • Guided walking tour Frigiliana village about 1 hour
  • Free time for lunch and personal interpretation

PriceBook a tour!

This day tour Frigiliana costs EUR 40,- per person. (children up to 12 year pay EUR 10,-)
Included: guide and a drink.
Transport to Frigiliana and back is negotiable.


Part of this day tour is a nature walk through the gorge. Good shoes and a normal condition are essential.
Suitable for children up from 8 years..
The day tour starts at the bus stop in Frigiliana. Find information here about the exact location and how to get there.

Description day tour Frigiliana

The excursion starts at 10am at the Frigiliana bus stop. The guide is waiting for you and is looking forward to it!

gorge near Frigiliana
gorge near Frigiliana

We walk through the new part of the village and pass the football field, the cemetery and the childcare. The guide has been living in Frigiliana for quite some time and can tell a lot about everyday life. We leave Frigiliana a bit towards the coast and descend to the river El Higueron (the fig tree). Here you will find beautiful flora and fauna and a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

river Higueron
river Higueron

We walk up the (mostly dry) riverbed. It is becoming narrower and the cliffs are becoming steeper and higher. Eventually you walk through a spectacular gorge! You have to climb over a single boulder but where it is too steep there is a staircase built. With a normal condition this walk is good for everyone. The last part is a steep climb (path) and you arrive back in the village. The guide treats you to a cool drink because we deserve it.
After we are rested, we will explore the old part of the village. You will pass, among other things, the cane sugar factory, the church and the old olive mill.

pool Frigiliana
pool Frigiliana

Frigiliana has a rich history and your guide gladly informs you about it. To round off the excursion, the guide will give you suggestions on where you can have lunch and what else you could visit. Maybe it’s a good idea to go to the large pool of Frigiliana after this walk. Cool down and then ‘home’ again.

Please contact us in case you have questions.

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