day tour El Torcal

day tour El Torcal

Day Tour El Torcal Boeken!

Day Tour to El Torcal with Tejeda Tours. Come with us!

  • Small Group (up to 6 people)
  • Comfortable 9 person bus
  • Quiet pace and sufficient free time
  • Pleasant mix of nature and culture
  • English speaking guide


  • The day tour El Torcal takes place on Tuesdays
  • Duration of the entire day trip is about 9 hours
  • Nature walk approximately 2 hours
  • Antequera city walk about 1 hour
  • Free time for lunch and personal interpretation


This excursion El Torcal costs EUR 90,- per person.
Including: transport, guide, entrance Alcazaba.
Note: This excursion can also be booked as a private excursion.

Natural park El Torcal

mountain goats
mountain goats

El Torcal is a small but spectacular nature park. It is located 40 km north of Málaga near the city of Antequera. The area consists of karst mountains. That means that limestone has been eroded by water and wind in the most bizarre forms. Besides beautiful flowers and plants, there are also mountain goats and vultures at home. It is almost certain that you will see them.
Some well-signposted walks have been set out in El Torcal. With a normal condition and good shoes these are fine to do. There is also an interesting information center and a cafetaria.


Alcazaba Antequera

Antequera is a small city yet full of history. Because of the strategic location and the fertile environment, different civilizations have settled here through the centuries. There are even hunebeds of 2500 BC. to find. There are also Roman baths, Moorish castles and beautiful churches to admire. The city is not so well known to tourists. Therefore you can experience the everyday life of a typical city in Andalusia.

Description excursion El Torcal

Around 9 o’clock you will be picked up by the guide. The group is small (up to 6 people) so we are on the road in no time. On to El Torcal! The journey to El Torcal takes about 1.5 hours and is an experience in itself. We drive through the hilly nature reserve Montes de Málaga and some typical villages where time seems to have stood still. At El Torcal there is time for coffee and you can enjoy the view (we are at 1350 m). Then we take a walk through this bizarre landscape.


It is a half hour drive to Antequera. Time for lunch. The guide knows where they have the tastiest snacks. After lunch we visit the excellent preserved Alcazaba, the Moorish fortress. It is an impressive building and the history of the Moorish domination of this area is clearly explained here. After this visit you will have another hour to discover the rest of the city.
Time to go home again. The end of a beautiful day tour El Torcal.

Please contact us in case you have questions.

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